Nathan Stuart

Passionate Technologist,

Technology Experience

Software Developer
April 2018 - Present
One Click Retail
  • Writing automated Python scripts that produce and consume data with AWS Kinesis Data Streams and significantly reduce data processing times and data storage costs
  • Creating unit and integration tests with Python unittest to ensure code functions according to design
  • Maintaining and improving legacy PHP code
Software Developer
April 2017 - Present
Personal Projects
  • Currently creating modules written in Python that crawl the web for Utah snowfall data, a Flask API that renders the data as JSON endpoints, and a React app that displays the data using react-vis data visualization charts
  • Crawled daily using scheduled Cron Jobs for relevant baseball data that was parsed with a Ruby script and saved to a PostgreSQL database
  • Discovered the API address of using the Network Panel tab of Chrome Devtools
  • Made HTTP requests to the API in order to obtain and update relevant game data for a Heroku cloud application
  • Displayed baseball game data on the front-end by using JavaScript Ajax GET requests from a Ruby application, rendered the data into a JSON object, and presented the data with responsive HTML and CSS
Operations Technician
June 2017 - March 2018
One Click Retail
  • Won the Tech Thumbs Up Award for March, equivalent to employee of the month, for serving as Interim Manager of Technical Operations
  • Developed training and process documentation while in the position of Interim Manager of Technical Operations that enabled all Technical Operations members to run business critical data processing software without assistance
  • Wrote database queries in MySQL that used select, join, update, and delete statements to provide the client team with accurate and reliable data reports
  • Researched the PHP application code repository using Sublime Text to troubleshoot data errors and report findings to the development team
  • Worked with a command line interface using iTerm2 to run PHP data processing scripts, monitor the production database using Innotop, and use Supervisor to ensure sufficient workers existed to process application jobs
  • Created temporary tables in DataGrip and reports in Excel to monitor and report out weekly crawl data metrics to Crawl Team members
  • Instituted a new hire training program and a repository of process explanation documents using Confluence that improved the productivity of team members
  • Processed data in both production and staging environments
Student Web Developer
January 2017 - April 2017
DevPoint Labs
  • Led a team of four developers using Agile Development and Git Workflow to complete the minimum viable product of an application, Tram, within the required timeframe. Tram is built to reduce traffic congestion in the Cottonwood Canyons.
  • Deployed a responsive website,, to AWS and multiple applications to Heroku
  • Implemented React and Redux to build the front-end of an application, which included 28 React components and 7 Redux reducers and actions
  • Built additional CRUD applications using Ruby on Rails, React, and PostgreSQL
  • Incorporated two external APIs, Google Maps and Ski Utah, through JSON requests into an application to deliver a better user experience that provided relevant information in a timely manner
  • Styled applications using Materialize and Bootstrap CSS frameworks to create visually appealing and mobile responsive websites
  • Provided a photo upload feature within an application using Cloudinary image hosting services to ensure users could recognize one another while using the application
  • Created a messaging feature in an application using the MessageBus gem and React and Redux code that allowed users to communicate with each other in real time
  • Tested the models and controllers of applications using RSpec and the user functionality of applications using Selenium
  • Developed Ruby on Rails applications using the MVC architectural framework Integrated OmniAuth and Devise gems into Ruby on Rails applications to maintain the security and accessibility of the applications
  • Included associations and validations in Ruby on Rails models to ensure PostgreSQL maintained accurate data
  • Welcomed constructive feedback from team members and senior developers in order to grow coding abilities. Used feedback to go from a basic understanding of HTML and CSS to developing applications using Ruby on Rails, React, and Redux in three months
  • Solved problems using online resources, team members, and senior developers


DevPoint Labs
April 2017
Certification, Full-time Web Development
Seattle University
August 2012
Master in Teaching, Secondary Science Education
Western Washington University
August 2009
Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology and Social Studies